How are you navigating document review during the Big Data Boom?

It’s not uncommon to find document review teams scrambling to keep up with mounting volumes of data. And it gets even hairier when the subject matter of your data is complex in nature, or there’s more of it than expected and the need to scale arises quickly. Given the wide variety of variables that come into play during review (aside from the obvious – cost); it’s no surprise that many organizations and law firms are compelled to look outside for help.

The good news is there are a variety of managed review providers to choose from but, don’t take this decision lightly. Just as in any other marketplace, not every vendor delivers the same level of excellence. There are distinct “best practices” to which a quality provider should adhere. Ideally, your chosen provider will invoke your trust and confidence, over time becoming a true extension of your organization or firm and a fully vested managed services partner.

This global organization is one illustration of how a managed review partner allowed them to focus on developing their case strategy and saved internal resources that would have required them to review 1.2 million documents in under four months. On a side note, did you know that 1.2 million documents laid end-to-end would cover more than 208 miles – or more than 37x the height of Mount Everest?

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Top Ten eDiscovery U.S. Trends in 2015

Now that our New Year’s resolutions have firmly taken hold (or perhaps have faded to the sidelines), let’s take a minute to look at what the rest of this year will bring in the world of eDiscovery. Unlike past trends that were heavily focused on new technology innovation, this year will ultimately be about continuity and new, more advanced areas of risk. Data security, privacy concerns, social media and mobile data have taken center stage and, have big impact on eDiscovery. Both expertise and technology have begun to rise to meet these needs.

Read the top ten trends here.

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First, please watch the funniest law-related commercials I have ever seen (sorry Saul).  After you stop laughing, I’ll explain why it’s not just a gimmick.

Last Wednesday evening, I was invited to write about a “legal tech pitch night” hosted by the newly formed Harvard Law School Association Entrepreneur’s Network. Launched just over a month ago, this legal entrepreneurship network already has over 600 registered Harvard Law alumni and has hosted startup events in Los Angeles and San Francisco. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was very happy that the East Coast lawyers were taking a stand and not just leaving legal innovation to the geeks from Stanford (I didn’t get into either school, so I find it fun to hurl insults crafted of thinly veiled jealousy)! Read the full post on Above the Law.

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How To Get Your LegalTech (Or Chicken And Rice) Game On

53rd and 6th. Famous in New York City (primarily for this). But a week ago, the best people in the world converged at the Midtown Hilton, cross-corner from the best chicken and rice in the world. The place was decked out in huge banners, expansive exhibits, and a grip of people wearing tons of free flair.  It was the hottest party in town.

And they called it… LegalTech New York.

Step right up! Data security! Information governance, managed services, and matter management tools! And everywhere you look, basically e-discovery porn: predictive coding, visualizations, destroyers of obscure data types, and promises to slash your discovery costs. This is where the best and the brightest gathered with the meanest and most cutting-edge tools.

I mean, how could ANYONE miss this?

As it turns out, lots of legal professionals (and average humans) miss this every year. Don’t get me wrong, attendance was just fine and the show was overall a success. But who, exactly, is your average LegalTech attendee?
I didn’t ask. But based on my observations — also unusually well-covered here and here — here’s my guide on what LegalTech and other similar conferences are good for. Read the full post on Above the Law.

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Insourcing vs. Outsourcing E-Discovery, and What it Means for You

ALM’s Mike Sacks sat down with Ed Sohn to discuss insourcing vs. outsourcing e-discovery, and the key issues attorneys, paralegals and litigation support staff should consider when deciding whether to insource or outsource e-discovery. He also talks about maintaining morale among attorneys during this interview on the first day of LegalTech, 2015. See the interview here.

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Georgetown-Peer Monitor “2015 State of Legal Market” Report: More Law Firms Anticipate Buyer’s Market Realities, Other “Irreversible Changes,” Embrace Non- Traditional Service Providers, Notably Pangea3

In their authoritative “2015 Report on the State of the Legal Market,”Georgetown Law Center for the Study of the Legal Profession and Thomson Reuters Peer Monitor address how “the market for legal services has changed in fundamental – probably irreversible – ways.”

In their authoritative “2015 Report on the State of the Legal Market,”Georgetown Law Center for the Study of the Legal Profession and Thomson Reuters Peer Monitor address how “the market for legal services has changed in fundamental – probably irreversible – ways.” The report defines “the dominant trends impacting the legal market in 2014 and key issues likely to influence it in 2015 and beyond.” Among the key dynamics that law firms need to accept, anticipate and act on are: the rapid shift from a sellers’ to a buyers’ market; the growing willingness of clients to disaggregate services among many different services providers, and the growth in market share of non-traditional competitors.

To get a sense of Pangea3’s growing role, click on this link to the report and the subsection on “New Competitors in the Legal Market,” (pp. 10-11), notably paragraph 3 and footnote 25. Pangea3 is singled out as an LPO within the broadening range of new competitors and services they provide.

Reference is made to “some of these new competitors’ impressive growth rates,” and a 2012 Thomson Reuters study which had “found that revenues of LPO firms were growing at an average annual rate of about 30 percent, and evidence that even this rate may have increased in the last couple of years as LPO firms have broadened their client base from corporate law firms to include law firms themselves. In 2014, for example, revenue growth from law firms for Pangea3 was a staggering 200 percent over the preceding year.”

In closing, the report emphasizes that “it is more important than ever that law firms take a long-term strategic look at their primary practices, clients, and markets. The key is not just to react to market realities today, but to understand where their markets are likely to be three-to-five years from now… Firms that are able to adopt this kind of long-range thinking will enjoy a significant competitive advantage in today’s rapidly changing legal market.”

Joe Borstein is Global Director, Law Firm Strategy for Pangea3 Thomson Reuters Legal Managed Services

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The New Law Firm Taxonomy, And One That’s Doin’ It Well

This week, Joe Borstein was able to chat with Bruce MacEwen, star law-firm consultant, author of the leading online law and economics publication, Adam Smith, Esq., and legal entrepreneur. Bruce’s view, which is in line with ours, is that for too long, Biglaw has been viewed as a monolithic industry; and it’s increasingly clear that that model is obsolete. Before you haters out there dismiss Bruce as one of the Bobs from Office Space, check out his insanely impressive academic bio (graduating magna in economics from Princeton, Stanford Law, and took course work at NYU’s MBA night program in his “spare time”). Bruce also paid his dues as an attorney, working for over five years as an associate at two major law firms and then toiling in-house for another decade at Morgan Stanley as a securities attorney. At Morgan Stanley he realized his true passion –- finding ways to combine “management and technology [ ] to enhance the practice of law.”  This makes Bruce one of our own — leaving the practice to pursue an alternative legal career.  Read the full post on Above the Law

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Legal Process Outsourcing in Litigation

This past year, law firms have begun increasingly to address the explosion of costly high-volume litigation and document review matters by teaming with a dedicated expert legal outsourcing provider to optimize their internal efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Exemplifying this trend, Pangea3 Global Directors Joe Borstein and Ed Sohn co-wrote with Schulte Roth& Zabel LLP partner Barry Bohrer and associate EliMark a feature article in Practical Law The Journal – Litigation (Nov/Dec 2014). This article, “Legal Process Outsourcing in Litigation,” examines the role of legal outsourcing providers and benefits of legal outsourcing, legal process outsourcing solutions, ethical concerns in partnering with a legal outsourcer, and key considerations in selecting a legal outsourcer.

The inset box, “LPO in Action,” details specifically how the litigators at this powerhouse AmLaw 200 firm and this leading legal outsourcer joined forces on a big white-collar criminal matter from pre-trial document review and management all the way through the provision of an on-site legal outsourcing support team in counsel’s courtroom defense. The co-authors each give their experience and perspective, observing that “this collaboration resulted in a successful dynamic unprecedented in the legal industry.”

Read the full article here 

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NYLJ 2014 Reader Ranking Pangea3 voted Best LPO Provider

Pangea3 is proud to once again be voted “Best Legal Process Outsourcing Provider” and “Best Managed Document Review Services Provider” by the readers of the New York Law Journal in their annual Reader Rankings Survey.

As announced by the New York Law Journal last week, Pangea3 has been voted “Best Legal Process Outsourcing Provider” for the 4th year in a row. A repeat win in the category of “Best Managed Document Review Services” is a testament to the diligence of our litigation attorneys and professionals.

Pangea3 is honored to be recognized for the strength of its people, processes and technology, as we continue to provide outstanding quality and service to our corporate and law firm clients. The ongoing relationships we maintain with our clients are the cornerstone of our success. These partnerships are built upon the strength of our teams, working out of our delivery centers and client offices across the globe.

Pangea3 also congratulates the other Thomson Reuters’ NYLJ winners including…WestLawNext, WestLaw Portfolio, Concourse Legal Hold, ProLaw and Case Logistix Hosted.



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Who Needs a Playbook Anyway?

As a legal professional, how are you organizing and presenting your contract negotiation and review information?

Contract playbooks are all the buzz for legal and sourcing pros today. There is much speculation about the advantages of playbooks and what they have to offer lawyers during the contract negotiation and review process. In this article “Who Needs a Playbook Anyway,” Abraham Plammootil, an Associate Director on Pangea3’s Corporate and Compliance team, defines a contract playbook in the following way: a comprehensive arrangement of information that, in relation to the review and negotiation of recurrent contracts by a team, in a collaborative manner based on a predetermined negotiation strategy, is designed to facilitate standardized and efficient review.

Abraham takes the discussion to the next level by highlighting key elements of the playbook. In doing so, he further elaborates on important themes such as the comprehensive understanding of information, recurrent contracts, collaborative review based on predetermined negotiation strategy, standardized review, and efficient review. Although he states that playbooks are not a “substitute for training, conceptual understanding and aptitude a lawyer possesses,” he emphasizes the importance of this tool in terms of better organization, delivery and efficiency for team members.

Read full article here.

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