Reg. Research & Monitoring Sol

Save time and money by outsourcing your regulatory compliance work to Pangea3

Regulatory Research and Monitoring Solutions

Save time and money by outsourcing your regulatory compliance work to Pangea3

As business becomes more global, your company faces a daunting challenge: keeping track of – and staying in compliance with – an ever-growing number of regulations being promulgated and amended by jurisdictions around the world.

Researching and monitoring so many regulations, in so many jurisdictions, can represent a significant drain on time, money and energy. Join the many large, global companies that now save time and money by outsourcing regulatory research and monitoring to Pangea3.

The Pangea3 approach

We execute the time-consuming, resource-intensive work of regulatory research and monitoring in jurisdictions around the nation – or around the world – that affect your business. This, in turn, helps you free up resources and feel more confident in the accuracy and currency of the regulatory information upon which you rely. We offer two solutions to help with these crucial activities:

  • Regulatory Compliance Research
    Our skilled attorneys provide customized, multistate and international surveys that identify and analyze statutes and regulations relevant to an issue of interest.

    They help answer targeted questions about specific issues in a variety of jurisdictions, perform research that forms the foundation of compliance checklists, and perform traditional statutory, regulatory and caselaw research.
  • Ongoing Compliance Management
    Pangea3 helps your business stay up to date on changing laws around the world without adding staff or overburdening your current employees.

    We provide a dedicated team member who comes for on-site training to learn the intricacies of a business, then we build and maintain a database of relevant information. We can also identify potentially relevant regulatory and statutory updates, summarize and package them according to your preferences, upload them directly onto your network, and distribute them to the appropriate people within your organization. At the same time, information is stored on your own network, so the regulatory compliance information is easily accessible to everyone at the company.

Policy Mapping Case Study

Find out how Pangea3 helps companies in regulated industries keep track of the untrackable and meet their compliance obligations in a fast-paced regulatory environment.

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