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Our contract drafting and contract review services enables you to handle your expanding contract workload so you can focus on what you do best.

Our contract drafting and contract review services allow you to maintain contracts proactively and minimize legal and business risks resulting from inconsistent language. More importantly, by outsourcing lower-value contracts, you’ll free your lawyers to focus on negotiating core business terms and favorable pricing.

  • Benefit from an experienced team of business lawyers with extensive industry knowledge
  • Gain additional value by reducing your internal turnaround time and streamlining your processes
  • Stay apprised of project developments with regular status updates

Pangea3 meets your contract drafting and revision needs across a range of variation and complexity, including:

  • NDAs
  • Teaming agreements
  • Trade agreements
  • Personnel
  • Consulting services
  • Sale/Lease of goods
  • Vendor agreements
  • RFPs
  • Media and advertising agreements
  • Telecom services
  • Leases and rentals of property
  • Technology-related agreements
  • Indentures
  • IP licenses