Pangea3 attorneys perform document reviews, predictive reviews, and other litigation services

Pangea3 harnesses its litigation and electronic discovery expertise to deliver integrated, single-source e-discovery solutions.

Our integrated discovery solution unifies the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) and takes your project from early case assessment, to collection, processing, review and analysis, through production of documents. We employ flexible, efficient processes and use a consultative approach.

  • Streamlined E-Discovery Process – Our Six Sigma-inspired processes unify all phases of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) – saving time, providing consistency and improving overall efficiency

  • Versatile Model – Our flexible model adapts to changing conditions, allowing us to quickly flex up or down to best serve your needs

  • Consultative Approach – We evaluate each e-discovery project on an individual basis to craft a custom-tailored solution – ensuring you receive the best combination of resources and services

  • Special Litigation Support – We offer the following support:
    • Unitization/logical document determination
    • Determination of attachment ranges
    • Bibliographic/objective coding of document metadata
    • Redaction of critical data