Pangea3 attorneys perform document reviews, predictive reviews, and other litigation services

Reduce the risks and costs related to MBS document reviews.

As a preferred litigation document review provider to many of the largest global banks, Pangea3 has developed unmatched experience and expertise through dozens of MBS-related litigation projects.

As a result of this experience – and because of the large uptick on demand due to the surge in MBS litigation – we established a dedicated Mortgage-Backed Securities Taskforce. Our taskforce is spearheaded by senior U.S. litigators who came to Pangea3 with expertise in complex securities litigation for top U.S. law firms.
Our Mortgage-Backed Securities Taskforce staffs only industry experts 

We believe that attorneys with review and management expertise provide the most accurate, efficient and cost-effective document review possible, while reducing risk. That is why our Mortgage-Backed Securities Taskforce staffs only:

  • U.S. securities litigators with experience managing complex federal and state litigation for leading law firms, including Paul Weiss, Davis Polk, Fulbright & Jaworski, and Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman
  • Senior Indian managers who have led teams of Pangea3 attorneys on dozens of MBS-related document reviews since 2009
  • Client-dedicated review teams composed of seasoned quality controllers and reviewers with direct experience reviewing MBS-related documents

Extensive training ensures everyone is on the same page

Pangea3 has more than 200 attorneys with first-hand experience reviewing MBS-related documents. Our attorneys understand the nuances of industry terminology and are experts on the financial services industry.

Representative cases

  • SEC investigation relating to specific CDO transactions
  • Due diligence of fraud claims related to the investment characteristics of certain specialized securities
  • SEC examination of a global bank relating to housing markets and associated securities and derivatives
  • DOJ investigations pertaining to the process by which CDOs were rated by the rating agencies
  • Investigation by the FSA against a global bank regarding the purchase of structured financial products
  • SEC investigation into the collapse of certain funds