Pangea provides intellectual property solutions for all business types

Pangea3 intellectual property solutions enable attorneys, engineers and patent professionals to protect, manage and maximize their patent portfolios across the entire intellectual property lifecycle

Protect, manage and maximize your patent portfolios

Our scalable, highly-trained IP team consists of experts who hold Ph.D's and Master’s degrees from top schools in the United States, Europe and India. Our team includes patent agents, former USPTO examiners, engineers and scientists. Their areas of expertise span engineering and life sciences, manufacturing, R&D leadership, licensing, business development and academic tech transfer.

Benefit from industry-leading content and tools

As part of Thomson Reuters, Pangea3 has access to comprehensive patent and technical content. Additionally, we’re in close proximity to the developers and product managers of our world-class information platforms, facilitating deep knowledge of these tools and the ability to integrate within the systems.

With this support, we offer the following intellectual property solutions:

  • Patent Preparation and Prosecution Support
  • IP Litigation
  • IP Administrative Support
  • IP Licensing and Transaction Support
  • Patent Research & Analytics