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Receive expert, ongoing help in managing your global subsidiary portfolio.

Trust Pangea3 with your corporate secretarial functions

Corporate secretaries are responsible for tracking and maintaining an enormous volume of corporate documents, as well as ensuring that company filings are completed in a timely and proper manner.

While many corporate secretarial departments have staff to complete these tasks, they may lack a centrally managed system or process-driven approach to ensure that all subsidiary information is consistently maintained and easily accessible.

We have the experienced staff, process-oriented systems and undivided focus needed to thoroughly track tasks for which your corporate secretary is responsible. As part of its corporate secretarial services, Pangea3 completes tasks in a timely manner and maintains a thorough, organized and searchable record of all subsidiary records and completed filings.

Free up internal resources to focus on strategic activities

As our team becomes increasingly integrated with your company’s corporate secretarial department at the global level, your staff has more time to focus on strategic priorities.

Pangea3 corporate secretarial services deliver:

  • Tracking of filing requirements and other regulatory obligations for your company and subsidiaries
  • Recordings of all applicable subsidiary activities, including liquidations, mergers, changes of address and removal of directors
  • Management of routine tasks such as drafting meeting notices, agendas and proxy statements, and ordering good-standing certificates
  • Assistance with optimizing your software and databases so they deliver their maximum potential
  • A dedicated team of lawyers with corporate secretarial experience that function like an extension of your department
  • A cost-effective alternative to in-house approaches
  • Efficient, quality-driven results backed by Six Sigma training

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Liquidations
  • Intercompany Agreements
  • Rectification of Registration
  • Replacement of Directors
  • Capital Increase and more..
  • Data Collection
  • Data Validation
  • Database and Documents Maintenance
  • Controlling Access
  • Training Client Contacts
  • Creating Reminders
  • Generating Reports
  • Customization
  • Testing and Implementation of New Tools
Good Standing
  • Researching Status of Entities
  • Purchase of Good Standing Certificates
  • Rectification of Entity Status
  • Annual Report
  • Registrations
  • Withdrawals
  • Other Regulatory Filings
Compliance Research
  • Researching Specific Requirements
  • Monitoring Compliance with Researched Requirements
Corporate Documents
  • Resolutions
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Meeting Notices
  • Repository of Template Documents
Research Database
  • Cataloguing Global Corporate Laws
  • Analysis of Company Laws
  • Developing Compliance Checklists